Foundation Statement

Foundation Statement of MAKAAM: Mahila Kisan Adhikaar Manch

  • MAKAAM is an Alliance of networks, campaigns, movements, organisations, people’s collectives and individuals that advocates for the Right to Livelihoods of Women Farmers[i], particularly dalits, adivasis, single women, differently abled and displaced. It is guided by principles of feminism and sustainability, for economic, environmental and social justice. Cognizant of the fact that women’s livelihoods depend on rights to the commons and to private resources, the Alliance aims to create and secure women’s individual and community entitlements to natural resources such as seeds, land, water, forests and clean energy[ii] and to other informational and technological resources in the digital society that are widely recognised as enablers of basic rights.
  • MAKAAM recognizes the plurality of knowledge systems, including traditional knowledge and ecological approaches of women farmers, towards achieving food sovereignty, gender equality and social justice.
  • The Alliance is committed to inalienable, independent and effective rights of women farmers over livelihood resources.
  • MAKAAM highlights the contribution of women to social reproduction and production and emphasizes the need for recognition and valuation of unpaid productive work, reduction of drudgery and redistribution of care work.
  • MAKAAM believes that it is the responsibility of the state to ensure housing, infrastructure, social protection, universal access to health, nutrition, education, financial services and digital technologies for protecting women farmers’ economic, social rights, enabling education, information needs and associational opportunities.
  • MAKAAM asserts the right to sexuality, bodily integrity and freedom from violence for all women and girls.
  • MAKAAM seeks to create decentralized/local markets and community networks that are empowering for women farmers, and opposes those models which favour big capital’s takeover of community resources and exploitation of women workers[iii].
  • The Alliance resists policies and programs related to destructive and unsustainable development, which dispossesses and displaces women farmers from their livelihood resources.

Principles and values guiding MAKAAM

MAKAAM believes that this vision will be achieved through a gender responsive and democratic process. Collective and cooperative enterprise-building will be the means to sustain alternative food production and knowledge systems. Through secular, autonomous and peaceful means, MAKAAM will work to bring fundamental change in the social norms and institutions that deny the human rights and prohibit the advancement of women and other social groups.

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